And so the blood of my coming of age of adages of an age of decades
Oh! ages since my first ripe rite of spring has dulled the lull of love’s
Sickness this slickness of loveless lorn for in betweenness in be
Tweening and weaning me of bets of second bets and second bests
But best to bet none and bed none and bleed for none and only no one
Knowing were oh where and when have I bled for one or none a prick
A dick of just a little kick a little slick such sweetness please such certain
Sweetness sure as sweet as sugar surely I will weep most sweetly herely
Merely where my wherewithal of kunst and cunt of wuss and wank a smile
A sigh oh! “Hi there handsome are you lonesome can we cum sometime?”
Someday a time for cumcumber sandwiches eating reaching for your
Hand? Is that your hand? Handsome bedsome fucksome fellow lucksome
Lucker where my luck has goner somewhere over where you are tonight
Tocatch toglimpse tosteal that splendid sight of your sacred ancient beauty
Bounty for my love booty for my broken heart you have me break my vow
Now ne’er to bet ne’er to bed ne’er to bled again for any mortal man but …

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Saturday, April 19, 2014

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