Because of your flickering blue breath heard through wildness
Winds winnowing grains of white salt I will sit in the dark quiet
Quite quiescent in the non-light a half-life for my quittance
Quickening the pace of summer into the season of monsoons so
Soon before we know it I have slept through my ordeal of ord
Ordinal non-life and you cradled me in your unrelenting songs
Sung since the Tung-Tung Dynasty crippled my veins you wisp
Whispers my lullaby your wails waywhile my resuscitator
Arbitator for my metronomic arteriosclerotic varicosic oh
So what is death when one is sleeping what is dark when one is dreaming
During which you lightly keeping seeing through beating through
Throughput puttering through the end of rain the and of pain
The mind of ten washed away to finally glimpse the warming sun
Some sunny Sunday still resonating that lucid sound of song
Since and up on waking making it through with just a sign a
Shrine a shroud you are my might and main the blood in my veins

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Monday, May 26, 2014

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