Covid-19 lockdown, typhoon damage, no water, no electricity, newborn piglets, then a threatening message from my ex-therapist. The misery of the moment is expressed in this painting. But I still see humor around me.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima Lasay
9 W x 12 H inches, acrylic on paperboard 220gsm

The woman looks distraught. The boar behind her looks agitated. It’s a sunny day so he is holding a banana leaf over the woman’s head. There are five piglets under the banana tree. The Red Ginger plant has flowers covering the woman’s breasts. There is a flowering Brazilian Red Cloak at the back. The oriole has reversed its colors. There is laundry drying at the back. The laundry displays images of an unfriendly looking cat.

I made this painting in 2022 after the island of Bohol was ravaged by Category 5 typhoon Rai. There was no running water and no electricity. I have just filed an ethics complaint against a psychologist who misrepresented his credentials and violated ethics rules in therapy. I won my case in 2023.

Let me paint your personality disorder