The Last Divine

Ya rabbi salli allal habib mohammaden

Now that the stirring has ceased, and there I sit calmly before my beloved Guru, whilst
The earth whirls around me, my beloved, there I still see the dim of his hand, his firm hand
That commands me to stop and to fall to the ground, to let the air whirl about my head
And be still, just be still, and in the stillness reflect the mercy of God, in the quiet beg Him
Please O God, just to hold my Guru’s hand for the moment, by Your own compassion there
I have found my light and the one true Love of this life, in the quiet, by Your own protection
I implore You to please let me touch him, let this awesome moment of peace upon death
Be the corporal consummation of that Divine Love, the quickening of dust in the whirl of
Ecstasy, the shape and the form of such ineffable Love, should this body break to touch that
Distance of time and space between, let the pieces fill such vacuous longing, let them.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Monday, March 31, 2014

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