Passion Fruit Woman with Cats and Children, 2022

The woman is very calm. She appears to be meditating. Her hands are raised with the palms showing (cf. Marsha Linehan, willing hands and willfulness). Her dress is decorated with patterns of marine life. Above her are the flowers, leaves and tendrils of a passion fruit vine. It is a yellow-fruited P. edulis f. flavicarpa and there are a few unripe fruits.

Two children, a boy and a girl, are holding onto the woman. They are playful and happy. The boy has picked a passion fruit. Two cats, one black and one white, are peeking from behind the woman. In the foreground are ornamental plants, Dracaena trifasciata and Dieffenbachia. Further at the back is a body of water, perhaps a lake, with silver fish and stars.

Passion Fruit Woman with Cats and Children, 2022 by Fatima Lasay

This painting is available for sale.

Fatima Lasay
11.7 W x 16.5 H inches, acrylic on watercolor paper 200gsm
Price: PhP5000
Packaging and Shipping: PhP250 (Philippines)
With Certificate of Authenticity
Mode of Payment: Cash, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Gcash
Unframed, unmounted. Ships in a tube.

For shipping to other destinations and for inquiries, please contact: Messenger

I Have Arrived

There is certainly good reason why the paintings are the way they are. There are the pigs, the cat, the black birds and the vegetation. The sanctuary is rather small and it is in the midst of a village destined for urbanization.

Looking towards the road.
The road to urbanization is about 15 meters away. Not very far. But somehow enough to protect the sanctuary.

I may not be able to change the fate of the village. But I can change the way I feel about it. I can nurture the peace within me. I can act in ways that keep the peace in my surroundings. It is beautiful here.

My pig Beans. After the destructive typhoon Odette / Rai, she began to develop an anorexia-like syndrome, possibly, TSS (Thin Sow Syndrome). I try to keep her happy and comfortable.

We’re a little food forest garden with ducks, pigs and chickens roaming around. The art gallery and studio opens in November 2022 but you can freely visit for coffee, chat, paintings and sanctuary. Call or txt to set an appointment.

Call or txt +63 927 428 9112

The Art Studio Opens in November 2022

I am having the dirty kitchen renovated. The roof will be higher, there won’t be any solid walls. The space will be open and free. Sunshine and fresh air will pass through it. At the back will be a tub. When you lie in the tub and look up you will see the sky. In the evening, solar lamps will gently light up the periphery, so from the inside you can see the glow of light in the garden. There’s a forage area for pigs nearby. So you can hear them rooting, grunting and farting. It’s funny. This will be my outdoor art studio.

Mindfulness Practice with Pig, 2022 by Fatima Lasay
Fatima Lasay
acrylic on watercolor paper, 11.7 W x 16.5 H inches

We open in November 2022 but you can visit to see my pigs. I accept art commissions on certain occasions. Call or send a message to set an appointment to visit.

Call or txt +63 927 428 9112