Now I remember. His fancy began when I stepped on the stage.
While I talked about booty capitalists. His eyes fixated on my feet.
I wore a pair of flat sandals. My choice of comfort when travelling.
But it was the ankle bracelet that got him. He asked to see it.

To interrupt our conversation. I think it was about commodified knowledge.
He wanted to see my ankle bracelet. Barefoot, I sat on the chair.
I lifted the hem of my longyi to show him. It was beautiful silver.
Red cloisonnes dotted a wide strip of tiny silver droplets. It came from India.

He knelt on the floor. He wanted to look more closely.
Two fine loops of silver dangled over the top of my foot. I must say.
It was really beautiful. He took my foot in both hands.
And kissed the silver. My foot felt cold in his warm hands.

I looked around quickly. Maybe someone was watching.
It was early evening. The hotel cafe emptied of patrons.
They were having dinner elsewhere. I looked back at my colleague.
He held my foot in one hand. His fingers played with the silver.

His lips touched the skin at my ankle. One hand under my leg.
His fingers caressed my calf. His tongue licked and moistened.
His fingers ran down my leg. His tongue flicked around my toes.
I could not believe what was happening. But I did not want it to stop.

He pressed my foot in both hands. The foot looked so tiny.
He has big hands. He kissed the top of my foot.
His fingers circled the tender border of my sole. Something.
Something crept up my leg. I gasped.

What was that again? Academic knowledge.
Commodification. White men worship little Asian women’s feet.
He looked up at me with an impish smile. His palish hair over his eye.
He stroked the soft muscles near the arch of my foot. My eyes widened.

His mouth covered my big toe. He gripped my ankle as I roused.
He sucked with the rhythm of his fingers. His tongue warm and ticklish.
He stroked my heel with endless pleasure. Sending shots of ember.
From the arch of my foot to my cunt. It was impossible.

To stop this white western male. From invading, colonising, exploiting.
My lovely silver fell to the ground. His strong hands kept me in my place.
I pressed my legs together. I could not stop this pleasure I should not have.
I will break and bind my feet for you. I will not dance!

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
January 14, 2014

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