In the hollowed ground of my incertitude the lewd
Lute solute dissolute heart of a most charitable lass
Alas my offbeat paltry innocence he tossed careless
Less of a care his incessant mating call his oh-oh-
Oh like the bark of a whiskery sealeon his sauce
Tossed numerously dime-a-dozen nickel-and-dime to sprat
To catch a mackarela and me my tawdry me my twisting
Torqueing oblique in farness from his careless calling
Hawling and Trawling all the grasses of the sea oh-oh-
Oh his egregious hurls and I caught them all in my
Myopic hands and I took them all to heart in my
Myomatous cul-de-sac fool-de-luck gall-de-tack
Tacky mack I took for la la love and now a lo lo lone toss
Tossing back the dregs along the shore bye bye he said
So saided with little else to say but bye bye love as
Love be uttered ticky-tacky bargain-basement cut-price love

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Saturday, May 24, 2014

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