Eight (2)

1 my first winter and spring was
with you, we entered the Pfynwald
and I wasn’t cold, perhaps
the Alps love me
2 and my first temperate summer
we went swimming in Scheveningen
though I couldn’t swim
3 when you first came to Asia
the gods must love you because
in Hong Kong they gave you
a wonderful banquet!
4 we were weary but
we walked through Auckland
we found the bay, and I picked my first
Maple leaves in the autumn
5 the view of the coast
from the train on the long journey
to Taitung never left my sleepy head
kept me awake
6 the water was cold but
the sun loved us, warmed us
on a rock on Sirpalesaari island
7 we laughed
because the sausages at that
bed and breakfast in Powys
were really really bad
8 then on an Indian winter
my first firefly came to me
in bed from Vellayani Lake
where you lay with me in wonder
why the gods love us
such fools

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Monday, July 14, 2014

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