Hunt,ing-Less,ons (4)

thepearl wait //patience
-ed inthe shade ows
he watched the hou sew //theone who al
herethe old fellow lived //way swent out inthe nite
thek nife g’listened //patience
itwent a cross theold fell //he f
-ow’s neck //ought! for dearlife
hewas old //but strong
likea wolf
thepearl wait
-ed among thesleep
-ing flow ers inthe fieldsso //haaaaaaaaaa!
-on the lit’tle girl arrived //myflower!

sheAmi-an list’ened to thepearl
she list’ened to eve
ry sing leword //shelooked
hisface was lit byt heir lit’tle fire //worship
she loved hisface so muchso much //-pedsomuch
hes miled and here yes bright //hereyes
ened with tears //No no no tears!
thepearl jumptand kissed here yes //hereyes
sheAmi-an clenched her fists //hereyes
antook adeep breath //I will not cry!
… antheyp
-layed on the grass
like pup
pies orhe played thefife
anthey danced //haaaaaaaaaa!
… onenight hetaught
herto hunt
forfood …

/* Wait in the shadows
walk behind them //patience
no guilt no remorse
don’t even think of what you are about to do
that way your intentions are invisible
no one will see //see?
you will never be caught. */

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, June 27, 2014

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