Will you still love me when I’m dead oh press your lips on my cold
Lolled cheek chankered and cankered by cankersores but kiss
Please liplick this mortified face facing the lamplight morgue
Lord will that ever make my soul jump with joy my eyes pop with
Heathen delight and my blood in the bath tremble curdle crack
Crease my sullied skin with your breast warm me with your living
Breathing touch feel the bones beneath my molting flesh caress
Duress rest in pieces of me swathing swading spreading like virii
Lily water my lilly drench her with your spawn spaw me paw me
Merciless prick on my dead fucking clit sit me on your lap lapping
Papping palpitating my teatless teats teething through sickly
Wickly anteverted engorged enlarged transvaginal womb a bomb
Plumb anterior intramural posterior subserous lateral subserous
Obscured by myomatous mass occupied by a unicolar complex
Structure homogenous medium to high level echoes devoid of colour
Flow my dear Sassone-5 my dear sweet April booby bombastic boom!

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Thursday, April 24, 2014

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