She clasped her hands together like in prayer as she looked upon his face
Fabulous faceted vision before her a pallor of white in some places tanned
Tangentially to the setting sun and more like the carapace of a red king crab
Stubbled of white and some black but mostly white as such long ghostly
Ghastly hair molting melting falling behind him like a broken nimbus where
Perhaps his tenorous voice had been once she closed her eyes and gently
Felt the touch of his lips upon hers and the warmth of his breath as his lips
Stouched and detouched and retouched her like a photo editing dreamscape
Scathing the scatted remnants of her mind of his heart of the memoriam
Remembriance of such gentle loving touches of such long gone moments
Momentarily real like midnight mightily wonderful like the caw-caw of crows
Calling because you have not died of his death-defiant serenade of a dozen
Dazzled years of her death-denying dirge of ten temptuous years of apathy
Sympathy for the unsympathetic a lesson in unconditional love sacrificial
Sacral love that opened her eyes to behold the sapphiric crustascean dream
Drifting her into the tide into the surf into the center of gravitus amen.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, April 25, 2014

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