Cat Catching Tokay Gecko

In reality, I have a blessed farm life surrounded by nature and few good people. It isn’t perfect but those are my strengths.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima Lasay
8.5 W x 11 H inches, acrylic on paperboard 220gsm

The woman has a worried and suspicious expression. She has dull dark complexion because she is ill. She seems unaware of the cat behind her that is hunting a tokay gecko. The gecko has dropped its tail onto the table by the window. There is a view outside of a lush green garden and a large white pig with black spots. The light from the garden enters the room through the window.

I live in Bohol island, Philippines. I make art in a tiny food forest where I grow vegetables, fruits, I keep a sow, a cat, some fish and a few chickens running around.

During therapy with Kit Balane, I started depicting myself in art as ill, ugly and dying. When I finally terminated therapy, I was never so broken in my entire life before.

Fatima Lasay

LET ME PAINT YOUR PERSONALITY DISORDER is a series of paintings that depict my despair from the effects of psychotherapy.

Let me paint your personality disorder