JeDaVu (3.5)

Ami-an falls claw
-wing over him //soon thererethese
shehas be come ananimal //hands be hindher
they puller a way from Bartok
and hiter onthead afew times //theanimal isgone
theang ry wo man clutcheser head and looksup
shesees threemen one
oft hems he re members //an other Inhibitor
/* Can I go now? */ sheg iggles likea luna
/* Stay away from the Colon y / -tic,tic,tic,tic,tic
she’still gigg / -tic,tic,tic,tic,tic
herstomaches tarts spit ting blood /-ling
/* Stop that! */ Bartoks colds
herstomache re tracts stopsspitting //she’sused tohim tel
twos oldiers dragher to thec hair //-ling her notto dothisthatthisthat
Bart ok lights an other cigar -ette
/* Youhave a compa nion he favorsthe wo men of the Colon y
tellhim to warn him to stayaway — */
/* No body go esnear Rup-i. */
/* No body wants Rup-i no body wantsei therof you. */
/* No body go esnear Rup-i. */
/* Didyouk now that Wolfsbane is still alive? */
//Wolfsbane// -thepearl
herighteye twitches read y totell alie /* No. */
/* Sohehas found you and sentyou here -to kill. */
/* No */ truthistime /*Heh asnt found me */ //yet//
Bartok is quiet /hesnaps athe sold
letter go /-iers
letter go //Bartok tellsthem
sothey letter go andshe takesthew ay home


Ami-an&Rup-is it athe tablet
hey have coff ee limep eel and pars ley
/* I am seeing him within the hour
now I will ask him what he really wants. */
/* He tricked you is he charlatan? */
/* I don’t know. */
/* And the vision? */
/* Yes … */
Rup-i sud den ly /* What
looks a way hes/* is
eesomething /* it?
/* I see three dogs standing on //he
their hind legs be //is
hind you */ //coming
Rup-i getsup heputson his
coat and passe sby Morant athe door
way the ir eye smeet Ami-an sees the
m //Rup-istomache opens andthead
of a dog dropsto hisfeet blood pours downhis
trous ers likeb lacktea //he stag
ready to pass out //-gers ready
Ami-an getsup //topassout
her legs aresuddenlys horts
he is threefeetall //shes six year sold
/* Little girl. */ Morant calls her
she runsto Rup-ia
womanow holds Rup-inher //Mo rant
arms //walks a way
shep uts Rup-i onac hair //theblood
some thing is wrong //isgone
very wrong s//buthe painistill there
hehas to take Rup-i home //hehas be
some thing is wrong//comeb lind again
he has become blind again!
” ” ” // /* What does he want? */
” ” ” //mustbe hermind /* Why does he want to destroy me? */
” ” ” //theabyss,abbess,abcess /* He must be a charlat … */
” ” ” //theo penpit /* A very powerful one. */
the openpit
andthe blood that cam //itis there
e out ofRup-i’s guts //inher head
theblood wouldn
t not go a way //xciting her
like when she was small

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, June 27, 2014

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