An Ecological Manual of Sex (From “McLuhan’s Skull in Tercets”)

In sex, the element of environmental time (or space-time) is very important;
at night, the phallus is weaker because the influence of the moon is stronger
this is very much like the effect of the moon on the tide of the sea

In the daytime, solar energy is stronger and thus the phallus is powerful;
at dawn, the sun-moon influences are in a dynamic state of equilibrium,
and therefore dawn is considered the best time for sex

There is also a close relationship between the phallus and the seasons:
the seasonal conditions of the changing pressure in the upper and lower
atmosphere reflect specific pathological effects

These changes, as caused by the movement of cold north wind and warm
south wind metereological fronts, and diurnal and nocturnal wind oscillations
within a 24-hour time span, must be known by the careful practitioner of sex

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Saturday, July 5, 2014

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