Petition for A Perpetual Motion Machine

It has been many
years, I am older
they say wiser but
I do not have the
answer to the question of
the day, just
propositions, casual
observations, listening
to the mystery of the
earth, then smiling
amused, that the
earth still turns under
such weight you
know one shouldn’t
really care anymore as
one gets older, but
I go on, I obsess, I
probe, I hold the
oldest mysteries of the
earth in my hands and
I entertain all of its
illusions, refractions, rotations
testing the limits of
my mind

what is art but the destruction of time for the appreciation of beauty? time distilled in these – words, sounds, images, forms, rituals – all the incarnation of divinity unto death, a continuum within the universe, and thus these never suffice, never suffice to build that perpetual motion machine in my mind, oh mesmer me a space, a motion so discrete, oh break me the symmetry of time, reset the impossibilities of this world, but never answer, never tell, just smile when you set in motion the wings of a butterfly for eternity

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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