It is difficult to ascertain whether she anticipates her return
Retour her recoup to the life that brought some happiness
Nestled nested in profound loneliness aloneness lonesome
Summers of difficulty breathing from too many tears of years
Peers she gazes preponderances at yet another uncertain future
Futile too few signs too sparse the beating of her blood to see
She is too weak from too many years too little intimacy too much
Much too much unrequited love that shuttered her delicate ego
Will he look at me will he see my face will he hear would he touch
Such incessant begging such mendicancy for lack of self-respect
Despect despicable empty begging bowl no sweetness no sugar
No surfeit of fondly caresses but lots and lots of talk yes talk of
Talk of the unfortunate despondency talk of the ways of the world
Talk of the great feats of philosophy talk of the battles against evil
Talk of so much to talk about until the weary heart wears out bears
Out and then flows without strength just lets go and flows as water.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, May 9, 2014

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