The Autonomy of Computer Sex (From “McLuhan’s Skull in Tercets”)

The purveyors of computer sex in “Wege zur Computer Cunt” (1964)
laid down three reasons for the resistance to the autonomy
of the female computer sex

First, the rational aesthetics that serve as a theoretical basis is only
in the developmental stage; this applies especially to cybernetic sex
which is not based on human principles but on female perceptions

Second, equipment is lacking for the kind of sexual output that would satisfy
the male standards; all equipment heretofore used for the female computer sex
was actually constructed for technical male purposes

And third, the female computer sex is hard to place within any traditional
aesthetic framework; it has to overcome misconceptions
and emotional resistance

Although the application of machinery for the female sex processing
puts emphasis on a constructivist agenda, dominant sex ideology
gave preference to the male form rather than female process

The use of computers to create remarkable visual effects
as in the dominant Euro-American sex establishments
is where aesthetic standards are currently satisfied

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, July 4, 2014

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