Note to Woman

There is rarely the compassion of man amongst these
When a woman surrenders, abandons the fortress of her
Heart, of her soul, and she is favoured in the largesse
Until the realism of her pain appears, for she is woman her
Verity is without conceit, without esteem, she has sinned
By believing the world will not violate her and leave her
But he ran away with the offers of her surrender dimmed
The lustre of her innocent hope and her trust in other
Than her kind, for the ego of man is full so he carries on
With his business ready once again yes with his snare.

Listen, woman, this is how man comes in the night like
A thief, yet you will let him in over and over just because
You have not learned of the pit of man, of the question why
He seems so beautiful, so charismatically alone, innocuous
Yes innocuous so you thought, and he seemed different
From all the other men, he seemed to possess no ego so
You thought, because he captured your pity, compassionate
Nurturing heart of a mother, woman, sister, wife, therefore
Your ability to love is reduced, your fences are higher, meant
To protect your heart, your soul, and this world has lost again.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Thursday, February 12, 2015

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