(Ma Prem Saarasa, her lamenting voice sings the mantra “Allaho akbar, ya rahimo ya rahman”, “Indhina ssiratal muskateem ya allah”)

The music resounded in my sleeplessness and its rhythm lifted my spirit
Tapped my feet and jangled these bracelets to a steady beat worthy
Of whirling to submission, keeping these eyes open, this starveling body
Floated in the swirl, given what was left of it to the merciful and compassionate
One, O please God do not leave me with but the shadow of the santoor
Show me your divine path and lead me through your compassion, with the
Love of the mantra “Allaho akbar, ya rahimo ya rahman” I will forever sing and
Whirl for you, beg the rejoicing voice of your flute never leave me, not this way,
For my heart cries and implores for the divine hand that lifts me from this
Affliction of spiritual death, please, please keep my heart beating for your Splendor.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Sunday, March 23, 2014

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