The sun shone upon her and warmed her as she ate the day’s ration
A portion of fish and beans and some rice to calm her nervous stomach
Stoic impressively so but her heart and her breathing clumsy in clogs
Clogging the blood to her brain as she waited from morning till noon
Looning soon in the hunger of late in the pang of the wait of the linger
Longer through the night through the dark all alone now and for what
For naught for a heart that craved love aknew to relinquish love aknown
Owned yet aloned but now a certain truth falls upon her like the dark
Stark surely settling to the ground run aground in the wreck of ardent
Absent desire but oh! where are you my love why so far so long away
Yawayward way to wait and I will wait each day warmed with my portion
A ration of fish and rice in the morning and dreams of you till noon
Loon am I for such vagrancy vacancy empty my heart to fill in by you but
Better are you with just a parcel of me leave the rest to wait till dark
Darkness my dress dragged now ragged now of waiting sitting sitting
Blinking no shame hoping no grace but waiting even if there is nothing

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Monday, April 21, 2014

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