The soft glow of dawn ethereal. A half-light, the sun and the moon.
Bodies stir in bed romped. Half-lovers, the bachelor and his wife.
He rests his eyes on the undeveloped light. It was a fabulous evening.
She smiled somber at this pleasure’s passage. She is love’s libertine.

Then suddenly his eyes glazed. The plaint jewel dangled and gorged.
It reflected the stars in the endless distance. Heaved once and swam away.
She watched it carve a sheen in the shadow. On his face like a vein of silver.
Her carnal blood burned, she sweltered. Danked her sleeping heatheness.

Another jewel set upon his eye. His heart wept this obsolescent love.
But each emanative ornament trapped her. Gilded her harlot’s heart.
She kissed his drenched cheek. Pulled his hands to her breasts.
They made love in the daylight of her delirium. His tears her avatar.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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