The screen glowed with the propaganda of the right
And never wrong in the comfort of their beliefs their
Followers spread rumours and doctrines with high
Claims and entertainment, they hail emotions where
Questions simply become a Malthusian commitment
To the pillory of The Lazy, The Ignorant, The Poor
Those whose freedom is envied, such resentment
From the middle classes who mimic the gospel of
Their rulers, for they are trapped in their mortgages
For the upkeep of their pretensions and their pledges.

And predictably, the propaganda of the left echoes
And feeds the monster that enslaves them all with trolls
Of little pieces of issues to chew on, to set up bellows
Of protest here and there, with instant slogans, calls
To action and such other profitable things, these clubs
A convincing coterie of extremists in the right-wing payroll
Make for a well-orgnanised theatre of democracy rubs
Lightly of socialism for flavour, and the multitude they all
Either heckle or hide and at the end of the day earn their
Keep, murmuring quietly as would any cog in the machine.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Thursday, February 12, 2015

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