Do You Chat?

“Do you chat?” he asked, and I said yes if he was
Noam Chomsky, and I am sure it is not only I who
Lament the shortage of common intelligence past
The flirting of horny males capable of a few mono
Syllabaries masquerading as Ahrtist Ahngst Ahvant
Please, just chat amongst yourselves lads I keep
Better things to do than watch you spurt jism on that
Keyboard and pass profanities for cool linguistics
Where “I’m fucked” is the voguish philosophy at
Least in the English language where “Ahrt is Dead.”

One thing I’ve seen in Ahrt particularly contemporary
Ahrt is the idea that the idea is more important than the
Production of the work, that is, the artist’s brains lie
Somewhere between his legs, it is the wet dream
Of western philosophy thus the popularity of feminism
In western culture, where men are afraid to sport
Woman’s nylons and garters lest they be lynched
Too bad they stress themselves out with machismo
And are kind to animals because they learned about
Buddhism on the Internet, no, darling, I don’t “chat”.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Saturday, February 7, 2015

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