The Wireless Pig

Her manner was most beguiling

this woman who, by her appearance
could not possibly have access to technology like ours
clothes she had woven from bark and fibre
shoes donated for flood victims

busy texting on my iPhone
she caught my attention she started talking
about the man getting on the boat she spoke
slowly, visibly disturbed, despondent
a porky-looking man walking towards the boat
she said that man promised to make her a wife
but had broken that promise
he is now getting on the boat to Cebu

I slaughtered a pig for this

she had a sack
brought out a piece of meat
perhaps a kilo or two
her lips trembled, tears began to fall from her eyes
she said she will punish the man
she drew out a small knife and plunged it into the meat
and came the frightening cry

I have only heard of this magic, this technology

the woman explained that she can’t hurt the man if he had gotten in the boat, and the meat – as a transducer – needs to be fresh and warm

she plunged the knife again and the man cried out

she continued to explain that the day is perfect for his punishment because the light is beautifully modulated

indeed, it was a remarkably clear day
the sunlight sparkled on the surface of the sea
sparkled on the face of the man twisting himself in pain

for the last time
the woman plunged the knife into the meat
the wail of the man echoed through the island
a scuffle as people came to help
it is enough, the woman sobbed
put the meat and the knife away
I slaughtered a pig for this, she said proudly
and walked home


Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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