Dance, Haze, Faded

The body curved rising from the haze. Like a ravine, tenuous, light.
She tapped barefoot on the ground. Set the pace, rhythm, cadence.
It was slow starting and rising. It was tense, nervous, surrender.
But the heat of the midday calmed her. Sweat flowed, curved, cooled.

Their eyes met for a moment. She lifted the hem of her dress.
The vaporous fabric rose to her womb. She turned to show her belly.
Her arms over her head and she stretched. Like a supple little reed.
Gaunt and sinewy flowing flesh, skin. Under the gentle daylight.

The ankle bracelets jangled. The body danced to the rhythm.
Slowly she teased and yet begged. For the deepest of his kisses.
Her opalescent flower burned. She burned so much for his touch.
He stepped to kiss … She whirled and faded into the light.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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