The heart opened at midnight and I stood under its phallic tip deep
Steeped in the ecstasy of the pearl that customarily falls from its core
Whore am I who but a whore-wife waiting for the he-pearl to uncurl
Unpearl into this seared mouth but alas there is no pearl but a gush a
Rush of blood red rich thickly sticky gore gushing my eyes my mouth
My nose that coppery stench that warm brush with debt for redebt
Redemption for my awful sins of the flesh punished severely shamed
Shammed by my own disowning of proper behaviour of marital vows
Sows sucking the boar’s swinerod now steeped in blood for the stew
You fool you expectant flirt seeking pearls from pig’s hearts you get
Whet in hog blood bleeding through the slashing throbbing throat
Croaking choking on the bamboo stick stuck down between my legs
Dredge the dregs when done leave not a trace of blood to forego to
Foregot disbegot the memory of my gaping mouth this dejavu this
Dissing myth of the heart that knew not what they do but they knew
Too well the talisman belongs only to the meek and humble and pure.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Thursday, April 24, 2014

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