Embrace Me

I made this painting lovingly. This pig is a young boar. I painted him big so I can love him more.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima Lasay
9 W x 12 H inches, acrylic on watercolor paper 200gsm

This is an affect portrait. The woman is experiencing complex emotions. She has blue skin indicating she often forgets to breathe. At the same time the blue skin color symbolizes a spiritual aura and of being different from others. The woman’s face is pasty white and bears the expression of calmness. She is embracing a large brown pig. The pig’s expression is one of sympathy. Alugbati vines are growing in the background.

Indeed, it is only now, in the light of Kit Balane’s rebuttal, that I fully appreciate the extent of the serious emotional damage to Fatima caused by his actions.

Trevor Batten, Statement of Witness, Ethics Committee, 2022

In 2022, I started making affect paintings. These capture my experience of feelings and emotions. In farming, I experience an extraordinarily broad range of emotions. In art, I experience emotions anew. The despair that Kit Balane’s therapy brought me is re-experienced in the light of more positive affect. Art heals wounds.

Let me paint your personality disorder