There You Go

Boy has she got some sense of tumour, that woman, she got more lumps than a pineappple has eyes, and what about when she was singing and playing the piano with Brian Tumour and the Hormones, she was just a kid then and folks told her, if you was a boy you’d go places, oh boy! if only she knew, if only she knew she probably wouldn’t be alive today, but I bet that even if she hadn’t reached the age of 34, she would’ve been one hell of a woman, as she had done before she succumbed to something rather tumourous, you know, something stupid like chat up that aspergers bloke in the Swiss Alps, some place they call the City of Sun, and when she met him again in the Danish City of Smiles (how bad is that?), she fell for him crashing to the floor over her, such that when they were together in Helsinge, she let him eat up all the raw liver even if she really really really so badly craved for it, so there you go, she’d ‘gone places’ and had nothing left of her but lumps and bones, bones and lumps.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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