Sex, Technology and the Insensible Prototype (From “McLuhan’s Skull in Tercets”)

The electronic age has also given us tools by which sex could be visualized
in a variety of ways that make sense to us, where the binaries of existence
in the virtual and physical world put new media and sex together

This naturally rendered information visualization tools and the other new
media technologies involved as bridges between phallus and pudenda;
where our navigation in virtual space is rooted in a universal sexual stream

“Sex and Technology: A Contest of Truths” argues that the strict separation
between sex and technology is ultimately untenable: the tactile cognitive and
graphical interfaces of our technological devices are metaphors of sex

There is technology in sex, a coherence and form where our age of extensive
objectification, quantification, and mechanization can be seen to be guided
by phallus and pudenda behind the veil of the computer interface

The accessibility of our technologies opens wide the potential for
cross-disciplinary intercourse more than ever before; where male and female
are wired and the phallus and pudenda are extended across the globe

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, July 4, 2014

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