Black Water

The lines are drawn freely but not too carefully with certainty
Certainly free to follow the form and not digress with the flow
Showing the path the way the map to the peace that you seek
Seeking the light and tracing over with darkness flowing soaking
So nice isn’t it so cool to the skin where the lines are drawn
Scrawn over parched aged flesh oh the beauty and comfort of it
Lit by the blackness in a drop of muddy ink reflecting the daylight
Lightly moving flowing running gently like the feather of a dead
Bird flightless lightless useless things bring the utmost pleasure
Plead for more of the same useless sublimity and draw the fine
Line of black on places where the agony rises where this unbearable
Terrible game of ecstasy this demanding and exhausting sport of
Fuck-me-only is played over and over in a mind of overflowing lines
Signs ciphers in water to drink and to draw for a little taste of some
Thing sweet something dark so let the body of a willing spirit ruin
Run with the stream of night to never see the blinding light of day

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Thursday, April 24, 2014

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