jass sayin’

ah kin kind kinda just
keen jass jowle lie lyin in
lie in bet bed thinkin
thin thinkin haw hah
hah na na nice you ah your
your bood bood boody
boody feel ah feels
ah then an then hee
hee hee hee hee hee hee
puts pukes pokes puts ah
hell helland lands hands
on moi mai mah me an
an ah keep creep kreep
thin thee thinkin that
watt what wassat whatta
dat was sum wus wussit
wassit you yes ya you ya
so soe sow ah mee can
me see cloose loose
close me ayes close my
sighs an dread dreem
dead ream deem ba ba
bat batter ba but there
you doth dowse nose dath
there ain’t no other prick but yours I want fucking this cunt naked under the goddam sun and ever after you’re spent for limp I’ll suck you back to holy life good morning!

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
March 22, 2014

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