I have no family in Bohol. Nature and the animals were my refuge. Yet the Psychologist blamed me for having no one to interact with but the animals. He also lied saying I rejected reconnecting with my family. My sister in Manila is my lifeline to family.

Fatima Lasay
Piggybacker by Fatima Lasay

A destructive typhoon has just passed. Coconut trees have fallen. There is a cat and a pig riding the coconut tree. The woman is riding the pig. A black bird is singing to her.

This was painted 2 months after typhoon Rai/Odette came and left Bohol island in terrible destruction. Our crops were destroyed. A coconut tree fell over the pig pen. We did not have running water and electricity. It was so hard. I wanted to kill myself. I became unable to tolerate stress as a result of maltreatment in therapy. It was during this period that the Psychologist issued a threat via email.

My repeated calls for therapeutic assistance with Fatima’s worsening symptoms were never answered by Kit Balane. Only after Kit Balane received Fatima’s complaint from the PAP did he send a half-threatening and half-groveling email to me. Apparently, despite his own blatant lack of support for me in dealing with Fatima’s problems, he suddenly tried to recruit me to support his blaming of Fatima’s mental state as an excuse for his own misfortune.

Trevor Batten, Statement of Witness, 2022

After I quit therapy, some people started telling me about complaints against this Psychologist. I wish someone told me about this earlier. I think people are often afraid to tell the truth. People are also afraid to talk about mental illness. It was terrible. All I had was mild depression, but I was maltreated in therapy. I ended up hurting myself because I couldn’t tolerate my emotions.

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