The Virgin held the shroud to her womb and the peace it brought her
Fraught her distraught mind into a state of alpha an eerie un
Canny confluence with her pains and passions with the cosmic
Mirror microclimatologique refraction a relique of a bleeding heart
Philointerloper of her introspective lust and there began again
And then her doleful seduction an offertory of scented water sip
Seeping down her breast her navel her certain heaven oh grasp
Gasp breathe the blessings of the shroud to feel the deepest of its frays
Frayed by tick-tock tell her she is worthy though most unworthy
Would-be wrapped in your love and protection show her mercy
Murmur merry till she rises clothed in your light till she soars
Pours her blood to receive the grace of ecstasy when her tongue slips
Slithers between her teeth upon the skin of her teeth aspirating as
She respirates the air between her nose and his breasts to the top
Of her head where her eyes glimpse the illusion of heaven oh
Heathen joy the shroud brings the Virgin would he break her reeds!

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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