The Divine Phallus (From “McLuhan’s Skull in Tercets”)

The phallus is a male colonial religious sculpture kept in the museum
of an 18th century church I encountered in 1998; the phallus struck me
as imagenes repulsivas, a fierceful and efficacious male god

Several of the fingers of the phallus were missing and I was told that
some men have used them as amulets to harden their erection and to tempt
the pious women with the strange scent of their male honey

I imagine the unknown sculptor of phallus working under the supervision
of the Spanish priest over a hundred years ago: in whose image would he
freely wish to carve out the divine phallus?

Would the phallus have legs and feet as large as the shapes of the
sacred mountains? Would the phallus have the face of the gods of animist
religion, the more fierceful the gaze the more powerful the phallus?

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, July 4, 2014

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