Pig Paradise

I wasn’t really a painter. But to survive the misery of maltreatment in therapy I became one.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima Lasay
9 W x 12 H inches, acrylic on watercolor paper 200gsm

The woman is at peace. She is in pig paradise. There are three pigs with her. These are Bootleg, the brown boar. The two sows are Auntie Brownie and Number 3. The boar passed away in 2016 and the sows passed away in 2019. The three pigs are the woman’s first sire and dams.

Painting is wonderful. I have never painted so much in all of my life before. In painting I can express painful emotions and memories into beautiful ones. In painting I have a voice.

Fatima Lasay
Let me paint your personality disorder