Dress with White Flowers

Well I just had to show you my new dress I put it on and how lovely
Laughly the deep blue hue speckled with hundreds of white blooms
Bloomy little flowers here and there buttons up and down the front
Frockled legs and thighs are showing slipping peeking picking those
Showy little flowers wet in the drizzle wispy in the watery dew drops
Prods springly little nipples buds budding prods nipped in the buds
Bodily buds proddily prods teasily tease unbuttony belly no yes no
Oh lovely little dress with collar little short sleeves cooling my skin
Skinnily shadows she hiding in the half light as me of you and yes or
Roll me over for a gander at those ankles those legs those thighs
Sigh shyly thighly thy hold me in your hand like a cock cockingly so
Oscillate ossify occulent pearl of the opalescent orient cockily tease
Sees this skin in the light of lafternoon drizzle waiting now for the
Thiamond ray of sunlight lightening light to cast upon this riverine
River running with delight delirious oh! my dress so creased of him
Missed of him mused of him making me moist of him making me weep!

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Sunday, April 6, 2014

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