She wasn’t his type, a rather large homely woman, pulpy
On the cheeks and breasts and yet he decided to give
Himself the benefit of a fuck he rightly deserved certainly
After being the most considerate bastard yet they leave
They always leave and he couldn’t understand why what
The fuck do they want do they need if he had gone to
The Oracle she would tell him to crash his car into that
Big slut’s fence and yes call her slut then come down to
Where she’ll shriek as he sucked the sucking sounds a
Joy to hear to the rhythm of her short breathless ga-

Do you think I should turn him in, oh what do I mean turn
Him in, well there are some people who would, some
People who would love to know where he lives just when
Some people, who do you think, the fascists who come
Round with their shotguns looking for the suckers those
Suckers who, freeloaders who, spongers who pretend
They are sick and indisposed, jesus christ wouldn’t you
Just kill to set things straight the way they should and
Set things back the long and narrow, fascist mercenaries
Walk this way the bone and marrow, they will know who is-

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Monday February 16, 2015

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