Follenious Love

And yet I am persistent in my folly for what am I
By and by a stripling a puerile chink upon a rock
Mocked of such naivete a novice of heartbreak broken
Breaking beckoning love in all the wrong places all the wrong
Phases fazed by the reality illusion of more experienced
Expedient fellow travelers whose hearts have stripped
Ripped stitched broken well and weathered strong resilient
Saliently silent to know better than to trust to thrust that
What is that anyway this grossly overrated more of that
What they bitterly jokingly call love that human garbage
Verbiage unnecessary plumage to they who soar most high
Why I look at them and yearn for them to fall into
Unto my arms my cave a pile of their feathers make my bed
Bedraggled love no you be no human garbage you be no
Known to TV ratings not kin to mortgage or credit cards
Just follenious love of the lucid fool becoming wise

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Saturday, May 24, 2014

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