The Isle of Wan

She observed him from a distance the man the Impossible Man
Named and made so after her own subversion of her hereafter
After her conversion into heresy this heterodoxy of contentment
Mendicanting thereafter for such vile and simple pleasures of
Flesh fleasures as much as such as may be gazed through the haze
Brazen and dazed were his signals through the orthogonals of his
Histrionics of paradox like the pandabox that boxed neither cat nor
Catacombs of Herr Schrodinger dingy as dreamt by the man in the
Man in the man in the Impossible Man as seen by the woman in the
Woman in the woman in the Isle of Wan oh but the colour of her skin
Snaked as the earth and the blood of her ancestors run red for such
Touch such scorch such much delicate succulent kisses by and upon
Pondering the long lingering sentient skin of his Being her seeing is
Seething is steeping is seeping her sappy of this enchanted lifelong
Longing dream to never ever die until this Isle is awash with her blood

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Thursday, April 17, 2014

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