Laughing with Pig

A destructive typhoon, a threat sent by my ex-therapist, mental distress from maltreatment in therapy — art and a sense of humor kept me alive.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima Lasay
12 W x 9 H inches, acrylic on paper 90gsm

The scene looks like a destructive typhoon has just passed. There is a broken tree trunk and branches on the ground. There are no leaves visible because the powerful winds stripped the trees of all their leaves. The woman doesn’t seem to care. She is laughing with her hand up gesturing either “hello” or “who cares?” The pig is large, brown with black spots. The pig looks like it is laughing and is holding the woman’s arm as if a joke has just been said. The cat is on the broken tree. The cat looks like it is laughing too. The black bird is perched in a heart-shaped hole in the woman’s chest. The black bird is safe and secure.

Let me paint your personality disorder