No ghosts last night none of those anxiety ghosts like the ones I saw
Sawing black figures on the cctv the other night pawing each other
Bothered me no end but last night was clear as daylight and the bed felt
Left none of them behind not a scent or a fingernail but just smooth sheets
Feets spread knees bent to the ceiling feeling my belly rubbing my belly
Bellissimo ’twas you last night who else ’twas your hands on my thighs
Rise with sighs of dreamy pleasure delirious of your firm touch such mercy
Merciless beauty smear me with the nectar of your drivel so I know that you
Your scent your touch your lips are real more real than the ghosts on flickering
Slithering cctv imaging by the objective multiplex eye of god capturing
Rapturing the fleeing of ghosts banning the desecretion of our secretation
Thelectation of the pixelated limbs on the monitors glistening glowing slowing
Showing how veritable this sexing this flexing is how sterling this breathing
Breaching the time lapse lapsing between shrieking and moaning faster
Higher louder deeper almost there oh we are almost there where no is yes
Yet no no no means hold that pose and smile with your arms around me yes!

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Monday, April 21, 2014

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