his longhair was //YU-AN//
mad eofc lay andhis
palmshadthe colourof money
his gray coat //DIN-AR//
comp liment
ed his complex -ion
the blindone hadam //RUP-I//
berfor eyes
tog ether the y satby //handsin
thefire //their pock
/* When I hear burn -ets
ing I rem member ap
leasant din -er */
Rup-ispoke, Yuanlaughed
/* Let me tell you what there is in burning, Rup-i. Along the edges of the flame are anvils made of gold. Upon the anvils are people lying on their bellies. And on their backs are little men with horns and tails. */
/* You sleep too lit
and you dream toom -tle
don’t you suff er? */ -uch
/* Don’t weall? */
/* You don’t suffer Yu-anyou
hate and with
pleasure! */ //Din-ar looked at Yu-an//
/* What do yous
in the fire */ -ee
Rup-i asked Din-ar. Din-ar looked and answered
/* I’m worse than blind, I can’t see or hear anything, my stomach hurts too much of hunger… */
Din-ar gath
ered his coatandcoins /* rough
jingledin his pock /* day
-et */ he said
inthe sile //buthe
nce his friends thoughtup //throughtsare
ways to steal hismoney //immediately
/* There! I see a woman in the fire! */ //itwas Yu-an//
/* She has long black hair burnt skin small lips I sleep in her embrace. */
/* What is her name? */
/* Dolce far Niente. */
/* I also see a woman in the fire. */ //Rup-is miled
/* You are blind. */ //Din-ar //forin his mind
/* Her name is Sweet Idleness her face is made of snow her hair reaches to her knees her fingers are white candlesticks many times I touch her face I burn. */ //hesawher
late -r //Ami-an took
whenthe beg gars have fall //Din-ar’s money
en a sleep //sow hen the y a wake
they will acc use //thief!
and kill each other //thief!
shew anted to //but there was
see blood //noblood
soshe bither wrist
and watched her self t//watch,ed,watc,ed
hey caughter and broughter
be fore the dying fire t //they mock
hey sear chedher form -ed
oney and foundit /* The colon y has thieves! */
ang rys he //shes pared
became a wolfand turned their //the blindone
throats intopen graves //shew anted him totell herm
//any things
/* Who is Dolce far Niente? */
/* Yu-an’s mother. */
/* Who is Sweet Idleness? */
/* A whore I pay to fuck. */
/* Your friends pay her too. */
/* Where are they? I can smell blood. */
/* Can you smell this? */ //sheb reatheson his face
/* Yes. */
/* It is wolfbreath, a bit of Din-ar and Yu-an, I’m sorry, I’m not a whore. */
he knew she left when he felt cold
he tried to standup but hefell and staggered on allfours
she turned him into a wolf
from afar dis tance s,he,watch,ed

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Thursday, June 26, 2014

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