To the Merry Soldiers and Their Widows (3)

dress like Inhibitors //occasionally
sothey could roama //tohunt for
round the colon y //curs
to sat is
fythe bell i gerent s o u l
the sepe oplein the colon
y they wors hip the //like
Inhibitors //gods
twasnt diff
i cult for Rup-i tol //tos it wither
lure a wo man toothe //among the
fields //sleeping flowers
shednot evenmove
whehe suck -led
herb reasts
hep ulls off thec /* I am from the City
owl that covered his head tor /* of Opportune
eveal his gold enhair /* -nities
/* I lived in the Colon yth rice
on ceasas beggar thenas awolf now asa
charlat whonly pay unwan-ted visits */
Rup-i laughs and hishair be comes b //soon heis
right yellow petals hes hakes hishead //bald
and the pet als fall tothe g round //and beat iful
/* Now I am Inhibitor */
heb rings uphis handand with five sharp tal -ons
beg ins to cut the s calp ofhis head //sc raping bone!
the wo man getsup but drops backto theg //raping bone!
round onher hands shehas become abitch //cur
inthe morn ing shew ill awaken aked
shew ill besent a way form any haseen her lie
wit he curs ofthe City

//And what of Ami-an?//

she vis its thearm ory andpacksit with beer //yes beer
sothe merry soldiersw ill be drunk wit heir mouths
open //wide o p e n w i d e
then ext day Ami-an&Rup-i
re-turn tothe City t hey serve
here people areshot when they //there are no
near the borders of the Colon y //Inhibtors to wor
people dieherem any oft hem liveagain
afeww come to a charlat forthe ill
usion of please -sure
Ami-an’s client forthe day arrives …
/* You are so un-real, every thing a bout you is a lie, who are you? */
/* You will remember. */ //his voicet his one isreal
//she re-members
//he is Inhibitor his name is //…//
// BARTOK! // /bella bella bella bella baby …

he smug gles her to the Colon y …
Bartok relaxes and puffsmoke //Ami-an looks
outthe corn er ofhis mouth //un-blinking
hehas take noff hislong tresses andthes
kin onhis headis pain tedwithe names //downthe
ofhis prelates aliveanddead //backofhishead
are the sym bolsof loyalty,perserverance,obedience //Ami-an re-members as ac hild
andeliverance //why LOVE was nevertheir virtue
theroom dims //beginstheshow
Ami-an sees a field of flowers
decor //she also sees two head
ated withe corpses of four people //less bodies
/* Curs, that’s all they are, curs. */
then she sees a wolf tied to a chair
sheis a beautiful animal s //she has my eyes,nose,smile
miling at her enem -ies
/* You will stop visiting the Colon y. */
shet urns to Bart
ok heis masturbating
sm ok //she closes hereyes
e comes out of his nose //and looks again
shelooks to the illusion again /* I want to go back
anunusual please -ures wells wit hinher /* and have them look after me
/* again I want to go back. */
/* You will stop killing our people. */
theroom is flood ed with light
s and the illus ionis gone //Bartok saysit
/* You will stop killing our people. */ //oncemore
/* They’re all dogs walking on their hind legs. */
/* Hunt in your own City. The Colon y does not need you. */
/* But I need the Colon y. I need you. */
shesudden ly has the headof a dog Bartoks
hakes hishead /* Stay away from the Colon y. */
shelung esathim

Ami-an does not re-member him toow //hewas
ellathe mom ent but sheknowshewas //theone
one ofthemen who tookher a way from thepearl //withe need
// thepearl // -les
/* He was the one with the needles. */
hew aslso theonew
hole thergo
hek news he wasn’t right //shew ass till border
buthe lether go // -line
six years wassuch along time //perhaps hepi tied her
he didn’t wanther to suffer any more


the irfirst daytogether was un
forgettable //at least for Bartok
shew as tiedtoac hair heavily /* We have here
sedated they ob /* a very angry child
served her through a monitorin /* you have encountered
then ext room /* these before //the fantasist
later Bartok wasins tructed //the holy fool
tot alk tothe child //stultitia
toget acquiant edwit her //docta ignorantia
to tame her //coincidentia oppositorum
hesatbe hinder some six feet a way his //bythe door
little console had a monitoranda s //wasa soldier
witch that re leased se datives to a needle //armed with
plastered to the back of the child’s hand //arifle justin case
/* Ami-an */ //he softly calledher on the mic the tiny
/* Ami-an howdoyou feel? */ //speakerinher earth robbed
aflower popped outofthe sold
ier’s gun /* Motherfuck */
a softlowvoice /* fine */
/* Do you knowho Iam Ami-an? */
shek new /* Inhibitor */
/* Do you knowhat happened toyou? */
shet riedtos hake herhead buttwasst
rapped tightly tothec hair
/* Do you knowhyou are here? */
/* No */
sile //the soldier
enceBartok could hear the flower fall //crushesi
ing //withis foot
Ami-ans miled /* Tell me why Bartok */
andsohet old herhow sickshew as
forstay ing withepearl //thepearl
infect /* You killed a borderguard
ious murd erouspearl /* Yougave him a gren
/* ade */ /* No I gave him aflower */
/* Why Ami-an? */
hew atcheder onthem /* So how many people you bought
onitor laughing /* tobecome Inihibtor you can’t even fuck
/* youre defective you should be on the list
/* take off your Inhibitor cloths and puton doghide
/* thenyou can fucklike a dog */
Bartokbarked //…//
hehowled andbanged onthe switch
Ami-an’s veinswelled likean earth //hetouched hisface
worm soldiers comein and take Bartok a //hehasa muzzle
way Ami-an never heardthem //shew asleep
asleeping child couldrive himad // /ay! bella bella bella bella baby …


Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, June 27, 2014

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