The Amulet (from “The Island”)

it was of course a
breach of trust that
he couldn’t even remember
what he had done and so
he couldn’t even remember
how he ridiculed my pain
amongst his whores and
how they laughed! and he
denied where I had walked since
he abandoned me to
the crusades yet
I offered peace and he
and can’t remember
without memory he
claims without any
idea of what he
was doing
and so he claims
it was of course a
breach of trust that
taught me never to
trust the men from the
city where they are
anonymous and can do
whatever they want
without the burden
of memory in their
sleepwalks through
the haze
that they have no burden of
tradition so
they can defile any ritual
of respect
where they come for
the feast and leave
in the famine
but I
remember I
acquired the gifts of
my father a peasant
soul who gave
me the anting-anting the
infinito dios because
my father loved me so
in September
the curse will
come to you, my friend
and it will be nothing like
that joke that had
come from elsewhere
many years ago
it will come from the
grave of my father
whose child you
have defied

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Sunday, July 20, 2014

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