yell’ow hair //like corn’s
swayi’mming in thevening breeze
shed ‘ances //up,down,up,down,up,down,up,up
losing breath feelike //ready-to-xplode
suddenly herbell y opens //clang!
very sudden ly
no timenough to holdon
onto the en-trails -slippery wet
no timenough to stop //clang!
dancing //up,down,up,down,up,down,up
over her guts -slippery wet //clang!
/* Stupid dreams */
cold water graze
grazes herface //inthe mir
bares herteeth //ror shesees
they r white&sharp //bloodless
herton gueis long,gray,pointed //cur
hername is //..//
// AMI-AN //

shed resses inthe dark
ina white line -n dress
hercloths are all
shedoes not look //inthe mir
her stomache is spit
pitting blood
/* Alwaysplaying my belly
what is in there any way? */
shew alks intothe
heat andecides tow //alk
… tenblocks
thereis plenty of time …


//richburnished interiors
only the floors are lit
the shadows are sculptures
by maudit de phalle//

/* So what can I do for you? */

her stomache
itis con-tracting //ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
/* You should tell me you are the spiritualist */
/* Spiritualist ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! */

/* You come to a charlat because you don’t have much time
we don’t have much time so have a little more faith so I can see you. */

his name is //…//
// MORANT //
but she can’t seemuch more //just a clouditis not little faithat makes him //impenetrable//
thereis some thing else … elswhere …

/* You cling to a ‘reality’ re-hearsed before you came here
but I know that you believe in me */
/* Oh but much more than that my sweet. */

… Morant similes //smiling teapot
the water intheir teapot simmers
and then thec loud over hishead //becomes a vision//
– thevision goes
/* I can see a doorway. It is dark night. There is someone.
It must come forward so I can see. */
the vision diss appears //it,she,he//
… silence they drink tea mixed withwine
soon Morant getsup /* Next time you must look into his face so you can tell me who he is */
/* You must tell him to come closer */ … //him, yes, him//
/* thisis from him but don’t believe */
he drops a small box on the table //he leaves
he leaves a strange scent //he leaves
thes cent of meat //theprice
she lifts the lid and sees money /*gasp*/ so much money
she getsup //spit-spit-spit-spit-spit
her stomache opens //pain shoots
she falls backin clutching en-trails //clang!
the bark/eeper comes /* are you alright? */
herface is streeked withs
weat she asks /*can you see it? */
she looks down /*can you see it? */
the bark/eepers hakes hishead
he does not under //stand /* look again */
his face turns W H I T E //Ami-an leaves the teahouse laughing//
/* Receptive but gullible */
be hindher /* What have you been up to this time? */
she does not an swershe
knows that he knows //heismylove
they toucha lit’tle but deep
they are good friends //they have a mind-bridge
both from the Purple Colon y aft //umbilicusmentislove
erthat he was a blind beggar //he is wolfkin
/* So much from a generous client */
she opensthe box andhe laughs //it is empty!
they were out casts likelepers
ex-pelled from the Purple Colon y

it all beg
an with a flower
the veryoung Ami-anheld //like a mirror
itto her face and she said
/* I can change it */
itwas simple charlatan magick //an illusion
others see it //others donut
and the little flow //eredid not mean
any one any harm //any more
butthat was be fore the first
wolf came //thepearl //as we now know
so the Inhibit ors took her //they looked at her
soakedin penthotal
– demerol //they kept her
boundand interro-gated her //for six years

when she obeyed
them //the Inhibitors
when she seemed tobe nice //so damned sweet!
they let her go //be cause
and forsix years more //hermind
she was n ice and sweet //has-been
ice and weet //emptied
un till the second wolf came //wolfkin, as you now know
the blind one //
hewas with beg-gars from the City of Opportune
– nites
and she watched them begandsteal //shewatched…
from the innocent lambs of the Purple Colon y //andwatched…

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Monday, June 23, 2014

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