Oh how I wish to drift away from you my dear
Clearly dearly through your fiber-optic hi-speed lens
Sensibly so sleepy in your little comfort cot drift
Lifting you and me along to dreamy world find
Mindless selfless soulless sleeping pleasure of you
Your lovely legs and oh so cute those toes you are
Are you not my milky oolong tea so creamy sweet smell
Spellbinding me this vacant look this seamless sigh oh
Nigh is night-long longing wind is blowing so is you
Your lovely lungs your breath you blow me breathless
Less this breadth of sea and sky of you and I
Aye my drifting dear a million years it takes to make
To bake a cup of shifting sand beneath the feet please
Mercy please a million aching breaths to let you
Go to let me be for it was you in the quiet night
High and low it was your moonlit shadow that seduced me

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Thursday, May 23, 2014

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