If I stay away from you for several ways or seven weeks and I let you call upon me
Maybe write to me so you will feel my absence more strongly longly for the body
Behind the voice so thine mind endure to conjure my face frought from memories
Mementos metaphors the melange of things you took for granted then perhaps
Perforce you may become the man I fell in love with so many years ago bedraggled
Brute beast of burden soldier of sorrows sage of satire a philosopher of nought
Wrought broken yet most winsome terribly ugly yet clumsily sweet lustfully deep
Hidden you the man who once called me an angel in the kitchen and a devil in bed
Begged me once to spread to suck if I should fall in love with you again do listen
Hasten to be a cock to beat your breasts to woo me with foul language to ravage
Savagedly sweetly force yourself upon me ask me fuck me call me slut tell my flower
Finger fuck her rub my belly rub my butt kiss and fondle stretch and spread me
Be my master look at me when I suck you let me ride you be my slave flaunt me
Show me to the world your Asian trophy dress me crown me feed me kiss me
Let me dance the dance from hell watch me Sarabande set me free to flirt and lure
Me with your aching loins be the bastard brute I first and ever wonder wished to love.

Fatima Lasay, Sta Rosa, Laguna
Saturday, April 26, 2014

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