• When Man Discovered Fire

    It was nighttime. The darkness would hide what Denela was about to do. She brought the bucket outside and dumped ...

  • The Feast of the Inebriated

    It is colonial heritage. Apolonio followed the tradition of his ancestors. He butchered 5 native chickens. They were about a ...

  • Happy Happy

    That’s what they called it, happy happy, the alcoholic interludes
    Tainted with nicotine delights, the pseudo-fiesta fares foraged from
    The ...

  • Acts of Fashion

    There would not be a few who could remember that elderly woman
    Squatted at the door of her house, reciting ...

  • An Introduction to the Short Poem

    I am hunted and there is time to write a poem about it, here in the refuge
    Of a forest ...

  • Absent Without Pay

    Sorry, I was distracted by the windfall of hog plums and did not realise the time
    Spent on, wasted on, ...

  • The Café

    The café was where he saw her again, the place familiar to them both
    a place expected but unwished, for ...

  • The Hovel

    His house was a hovel, a permanent reservoir of the scent of
    cheap wine and wild berries chewed, the seeds ...

  • My Golden

    There is a woman currently in psychiatric ward number nineteen hun
    dead and famished is her heart, her prostituted heart, ...

  • Hitman

    The winter breeze numbed his hunger but not the bullets
    That lined the pocket hidden deep on his side all ...

  • Memento Mori

    The coconut trunk I left for dead has hollowed itself to
    The rhythm of white ants, leaving a shell of ...

  • The Poet Anonymous

    There is magic in the pressurised air of the Udderground
    Aground of wordly machinations where the magic happens
    In way ...

  • Drama in the Boondocks

    I am no woman of the boondocks and yet now here I
    Am bewildered owner of five hectares of agricultural

  • Orientalia

    Here is a slender noose that runs down from neck to brassiere
    Made of silk and cashmere and upon it ...

  • Victoriana

    At the end of polite dinner conversation there is sometimes this
    Appetitive where brutish behaviour manifests typically in coitus
    And ...

  • Sorry I Don’t Masturbate on Webcam for Boyfriend

    Wistful, I was awake when the alarm went, and, I, watched
    The two dots, blink, switched off after the first ...

  • Le Prix du Wank

    We were early inhabitants of Usenet, the Internet of chatty things
    And because we were colonised and subdued by America ...

  • Breakable

    I used to think that the very first ray of light was a great
    Mystery, an untold story that I ...

  • The Ultimate Art

    Under capitalist democracy there exists the deep anxiety
    Of the artist who is never able to escape the role afforded

  • Civilisation and Two Forms

    The culmination of the various means of forced labour
    Against the capitalist diktat of a great western civilisation
    May take ...

  • Seduction Fail

    Please, if I sit before you and bare my legs perhaps
    I am interested in something, and you must look, ...

  • A Conversation with T. Merton

    And as expected, the devil knew and came to practise
    Non-violent resistance donning the badge of the pariah
    Yet the ...

  • Alive

    The breeze came with the footsteps of the enemy
    Upon dry vegetation of the south-east, his head
    And shoes burned ...

  • Ga-

    She wasn’t his type, a rather large homely woman, pulpy
    On the cheeks and breasts and yet he decided to ...

  • Practise

    There never seemed any closure to the broken strings
    In his life, he knots the pieces together but his heart ...

  • The Exile

    No I never sold off, not in the silence of my sanctuary
    I never turned away from my disgust of ...

  • Libation

    Surely as I sit before you, man, do you know how
    The apparatus of the cunt needs the tongue of ...

  • Propaganda

    The screen glowed with the propaganda of the right
    And never wrong in the comfort of their beliefs their
    Followers ...

  • Note to Woman

    There is rarely the compassion of man amongst these
    When a woman surrenders, abandons the fortress of her
    Heart, of ...

  • The Desert

    There is rain tonight and the earth smells sweetly
    Of a steam hot from deep the caves of Baclayon
    The ...

  • Six Laddish Days

    Alright, I was wrong, they will bury him on Monday
    Early in the morning they will walk that long distance

  • Dismal

    They will bury the dead tomorrow in the early morning
    Before the sun wilts the purslane by the windows we

  • Do You Chat?

    “Do you chat?” he asked, and I said yes if he was
    Noam Chomsky, and I am sure it is ...

  • A Water Engine

    There in a village above us is a machine that pumps
    Like a heart, passing from here to there and ...

  • A Coming of Age

    It was as if the moon had come down upon this kindred
    Not one but many, they were the pure ...

  • Coffee in the Morning

    How else could coffee ever be served but in this
    Abundantly lavish fashion of cinnamon and honey
    Coconut cream and ...

  • Formerly

    Shyly, the lady of the spheres uncurled her fingers
    Patted the sopping earth with her hand
    The pilgrims stopped at ...

  • Meditation in the Outbreak of War

    is the colour of
    their skins and
    their deserts weave
    a billow of tears an
    oasis of blood and

  • Deplungerst Plundeterre (fatima ex machina)
       great trepidation I plunged the
              murky depths
    my first attempt
          the plunger inside
    undeterred ...
  • Asurablé, levita: Conversariandus Intimatus (fatima ex machina)
    my wife is back
    I am weak at
          talk of
  • Angeluciene Whandoor (fatima ex machina)

    of course, I really

           didn’t know
    he was this
             cared for my
  • Cardiodementia con Pulmonoputa (fatima ex machina)

    you be my candito primero para menitomentis para denios para dismiso y cardiodementia con pulmonoputa, putahombre traughedios porque deniere mis ...

  • Sicknesslickunstime (fatima ex machina)
        a sigh
    a time
          for in betweenness
          please such sweetness
    Tocatch toglimpse
  • Cipherstasy (fatima ex machina)
        Lightly moving flowing
    So nice isn’t it so
       cool to the
           skin where the lines
    drawn freely but ...
  • Phallictant Flirt (fatima ex machina)
    fling my swineredge
            that cuck
    of blood to forego
    disbegot the memory of my ...
  • Exhumandi Caro (fatima ex machina)
    the smog
        of humanity
    the carclang
             your carcass skin
    your hair
          the city-fry
  • Absentocalumny Love (fatima ex machina)

    leave the

              rest (of them)
    and I will
    day warmed
    my portion of
  • Sterlissimo Capturablese di CCTV (fatima ex machina)
    last night was
    clear as daylight
      your hands on
      the cctv
          lapse lapse lapsing
         imaging the ...
  • Skingerstrut (fatima ex machina)
    grinding skins on sorest edges of thy
    Teeth thy frightful
    laugh thy
    sly lousy strut
                  like the ...
  • Stramuranteril Echombassboom (fatima ex machina)
            Merciless prick on my
          Lolled cheek
      and cankered