Intemperately …

I walked a hundred miles for this. For a perfect view of the sea.
Behind me a home in shambles. An unbearable existence.
I walked forever it seems. For this country of perfect peace.
Where the blue waters kissed my feet. Soothed my aching body.

And then I saw him. Risen from the water.
When the shore stretched to the sky. He emerged from the sands.
“Come to me,” he said. I stood struck by the light of dusk.
Those words came out of his mouth. Like the kelp fondling my toes.

So he began my seduction. Wading through sand and water.
His golden body glistened. He had the strength of a mighty Manta Ray.
He flicked those lustrous locks. Like the ribbons of a Man-of-War.
This boulder of a God stood before me. I was just a shrimp in the sand.

And yet he wants me. Like the tavern wants a happy reveler.
And I am parched of walking. And a breath of sea is not enough.
I took Poseidon’s face and inebriated myself. Lapped and caroused.
His lips were as soft as butter. And he tasted of deep old wine.

The water swelled around us. But I was moored upon this rock.
I laughed with intoxication. I let him mount and fuck me.
This once salubrious body. This once consular home.
How far have I walked for this spirituous end. Intemperately, intemperately…

My body floated for a while. Then it sank amongst the scum.
There was the spirit that conserved my flesh. It traversed the Pacific.
There was the memory of my birth. It died with the pardon of my sins.
And the last morsel of my mind. Danced drunk upon the waves.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Sunday, March 9, 2014

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