Well now that she’s gone you somehow get to notice. Funny that.
You somehow get to see. She’s got lips don’t she?
Now that she’s gone. You say she’s got that Balinese smile.
You really want to kiss those lips. But just now that she’s gone.

Funny how she’s got eyes. She never had them before.
You never saw her crying. You never really looked, did you?
Now she got them pretty. You say she’s got lovely eyes.
Maybe you’ll see those tears. Long after she’s gone.

Strange and funny that. How soft her skin just feels.
But not when she was around. Not when she was sleeping.
Naked just right next to you. Not when she was here.
Well now that she’s gone. You really want to touch her.

Oh she’s been gone before. And you missed her for a while.
But this time she was happy. This time she won’t cry.
That kind of gets you does it? Well maybe she’ll be back.
You just keep on dreaming. Now that she’s gone.

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Sunday, April 20, 2014

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